The rooftop project of Via Russoli is located in the south-west peripheral area of Milan. It is planned on a social housing complex, composed of 4 towers and 3 lower buildings that connect a total of 187 apartments and will be realised in Spring 2022.

The requalification project proposed by Ricehouse has put in place two parallel plans. On one hand, the energy requalification of the urban structures, using techniques and technologies with low environmental impact. On the other hand, the study of common spaces used as social gardens and vegetable gardens, to be built on the roofs, with the aim of creating social relations and exchange of products, in collaboration with cooperatives operating in the social sector.

Tiziana Monterisi

Architect Tiziana Monterisi is a pro-active ambassador of the natural architecture. With her activity she promotes the possibility to create innovative housing models. In 2016 she founded Ricehouse, a startup that bases its activity on the valorization of by-products derived from the rice cultivation. The company is configured as a vehicle of innovation with a high degree of sustainability. It proposes an alternative to the use of materials of petrochemical origin for an architecture ethically, culturally, technically committed to transform the city and the building into a living organism.

Emanuel Falappa

Architect, graduated from IUAV University of Venice in 2017, with a thesis that focused on the role of commercial spaces in the post-earthquake recovery in the territory of central Italy. He has always been interested in the role of architecture as a social catalyst and has focused his professional training towards issues such as self-construction and partecipatory design process.
After several experiences abroad and a master’s degree in “architecture of wooden buildings” at the Politechnic of Turin, he currently collaborates with Ricehouse and is co-responsabile for the Via Russoli project.