The urban rooftop garden on top of the LIDL in Via Bologna is Turin is in use since 2019. The main feature of the garden is its particular system which recovers rainwater, filters it and later on reuses it for the watering of the gardens.

The perimeter of the roof is divided in different plots that have been assigned to families of the neighborhood. The aim is not only to create a new agricultural space within the city but establish an inclusive community. RETE Ong manages these urban gardens in collaboration with other associations. Its goal is to increase awareness on environmental issues, promote educational activities for children, and therapeutic workshops for disadvantaged categories.

The supermarketchain LIDL has contributed in the realization of this urban vegetable rooftop garden in Via Bologna.

Giuseppe Deplano

Giuseppe has a background in International Studies and Social Agriculture. Over the years he did different courses related for example to permaculture and being an educator. He believes that urban gardens are places that can create communities that are attentive to environmental issues. In his work as a project manager for RETE Ong he is responsible for the AgroBarriera project, of which the rooftop gardens on top of LIDL are only a part. Also he is a co-founder of OrMe, a Metropolitan Gardens network in Turin.