PAKT is a unique collaboration between creative entrepreneurs and urban farmers. Together, they have set-up a vibrant ecosystem in, around and on top of a series of renovated warehouses in the heart of Antwerp. PAKT inspires communities, companies, schools, … with innovative, low-tech, circular and edible urban greenery. The project intends to narrow the gap between urban consumers and their food sources, wants to create more green spaces in the city and promote awareness. By contributing to the realisation of new urban greenery in various cities, PAKT cultivates a breeding ground for urban growth.

Adje van Oekelen

Adje is a farmers’ daughter, working as an entrepreneur and community builder in the organic sector for more than a decade. In 2016 she and agrobiotechnologist Bram Stessel started the design of a unique 1800 m2 urban agriculture project on the warehouse rooftops. A year later
some 100 people from the neighbourhood started to grow their own vegetables and herbs on the rooftops of PAKT. Soon, other urban farmers joined the cooperative. Today they are working together to sell their local products in Antwerp, using PAKT as their base. In 2019, Bram and Adje joined forces with landscape architect Damien Derouaux to set up similar sustainable projects in various cities.