The DakAkker is a 1000 m2 rooftopfarm on top of the Schieblock in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. On the roof vegetables, edible flowers and fruit are grown and bees are kept. The DakAkker is the largest open-air roof farm in The Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. On the roof of the rooftoppavilion a so called Smartroof is located. This is a testsite for smart waterstorage and management.

Wouter Bauman

Wouter gained his knowledge of farming in the backyard of his grandmother when he was a little boy. Growing up in a city with many flat roofs resulted in the creation of a rooftop farm on the officebuilding where he works. When the Dakakker was established ten years ago, Wouter Bauman became the first rooftopfarmer in Europe. Besides a rooftop farmer, Wouter is also ‘advisor nature & public space’ at the Rotterdam Environmental Centre in Rotterdam.